About Me

The words “do you feel heard” are a powerful anthem and the essence of what I offer. Everybody that comes through my door is held in that space of being honoured and understood. It is a validation of their journey, their situation and their investment in their own evolution.

I offer a highly sensory experience, using many different tools and modalities within my treatments. The aim is to give you relief from physical manifestation of pain, tension and stress within your body, while opening the possibility of spiritual and emotional healing in the process.

My working environment provides each client with a safe and nurturing space, providing support and comfort at all times. The sacred space offers clients the opportunity to focus on their own thoughts and healing, enabling the release of what is no longer needed, no longer necessary, no longer required. 

I was introduced to massage in my senior years at high school, however it wasn’t until I had a car accident that I began to embrace massage as part of my own body’s healing process.

After my recovery I began to massage my family and friends and I recognised the healing value that massage could offer each person. I also discovered that I had a gift.

At the age of 21 I travelled to Indonesia. I learnt several different massage techniques and discovered the customs and traditions of this Asian wonderland. The abundant beauty of the country, its people, culture and creativity within the island opened my eyes to an amazing world of spirituality, and respect for the body, mind and spirit.

On returning to Australia I decided to study massage. It was a natural step for me to move into my own busienss after the completion of my qualifications.

I have been a Massage therapist for over 25 years and KupuKupu Massage was cretaed in 2010.

Over the years I have enjoyed transitioning into offering a more holistic and intuitive aspect to my body work treatments, incorporating many different modalities and tools to support each client on their own individual healing journey.

Being a Reiki Master and Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, I have created my own modalities from the many years I have studied and experienced these powerful healing mediums. The evolution from Massage Therapist to Intuitive Holistic Bodywork Specialist has been a journey of self-discovery and expanded knowledge, and has brought me to some fo the most powerful healing treatments I have ever worked with. I am so excited to share them with people.

My craft is an extension of myself. It is the culmination of over 30 years of personal learning, accreditations and a very deep, heartfelt desire to help people to transition to their most abundant life: a life of peace, joy, abundance and pleasure.


Massage therapist Tanya Cole

My body and mind always feel fantastic after my monthly massage with Tanya. I have been a client of Tanyas since she started her business in 2010.

Tanya gives the very best massage ever. I come in feeling tired and stressed, and I leave feeling relaxed and happy! Highly recommend Tanya for an amazing massage that helps your mental and physical health.

Vivienne S

The KupuKupu logo

As a child I dreamt of someday having a business in the beauty industry. I actually drew the KupuKupu logo when I was 7 years of age and carried it with me through my life. For me the logo represents balance, harmony, nature and wholeness.

During my travels in Indonesia, when I learnt the meaning of the words “Kupu Kupu” it resonated with me immediately. Meaning Butterfly, and knowing the spiritual aspect of the butterfly is transformation and evolution, I knew immediately that it would be the name of my business one day.

More About Me (Tanya)

I am a lover of natural things and my focus at all times is to respect this amazing world that we live in, and to live life to the fullest.

I am passionate about all animals, nature, my family and my tribe of beautiful people who support me.

I am deeply passionate about working with people who are focused on their own evolution and who are open to alternative therapies to support their journeys.

As you browse through this website my great love for organics, bodywork and Australian Bush Flower Essences will become apparent.

I love travel and have traveled around the world extensively. I believe that travel opens our minds to different opportunities and learning experiences, and develops in us a greater respect for our planet and greater insight into humanity.

One of my favourite things to do is sit and view the ever-changing ebb of the landscape before me. I am an avid cloud watcher.  Being a Piscean, I am a lover of water – I need the beach and to be out in the watery realm.

Photography has been a big part of my life, cpaturing moments and memories and expressing my creativity through  the lens. I enjoy sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and chemical-free living. Being the owner of a property, I am absolutely so grateful for the healing and grounding that I receive from the land.

I love to read, learn and open up to all aspects of alternative therapies to support my own journey.

I relax by doing yoga, swimming, meditating, kayaking, and caring for my animals. But my most rewarding and nurturing role is as Mum to my daughter. Being a Mum has been my most joyous, satisfying and fulfilling role, it expands my heart space and makes me feel full.


Tanya Cole

My Qualifications

Diploma in Business (Frontline Management – St Eliza Business School

Certificate 4 in Massage, Reflexology – Elective modality – Australian Institute of Applied Science

Certificate in Heated and Chilled Stone Massag e- Q Academy

Certificate in Pregnancy and Infant Massage – Q Academy

Certificate in Beauty Treatments – Q Academy

Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner

Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia since 2010.

Australia Wide First Aid

  • HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HLTAID010 – Provide basic emergency life support
  • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid