30mL Personalised Activated Essence

The Offering

This option is for people who have determined what they require from their own devices or advice from a health care practitioner.  This remedy offers the opportunity to have a handmade, personally attuned, and activated Essence created for them by a Qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. This 30ml option would be for more appropriate and suit long standing issues and also opens up into the full complement of formulated combinations within the Australian Bush Flower Essence Range, which you can choose from any of the 21 Remedy Essences – which are formulated for specific applications to support and assist your family’s emotional health and wellbeing.

From my own personal experience, it is inspiring working with children, as they don’t carry the judgment, fear or prejudices like some adults do, so working with children it is amazing, interesting, and really very rewarding.




Body Beautiful


Calm & Clear










Purifying Plus







or 6 Parenting and Childcare Remedy Essence Combinations, which have been created around the idea that all family members can benefit and be supported from the beautiful nurturing energies of the range.

Bossy Boots

Dream Time


Mumma Mojo

Sibling Harmony

Toddler Taming

The Healing

You can order your own Personalised Activated Essence with me directly and tap into this natural, safe, and self – adjusting vibrational energy, set around your own personal intention and have it personally created and activated for use, to help to assist you to move forward into your full potential. Or if you are connecting into one of the formulated combinations already on offer from the range, I can create, activate and attune any of these as well around your set intention. 

Cost: $40

The Experience

This can be a single essence or a combination remedy that you choose.

Generally lasting 4 weeks.

Dosage: builds a rhythmic healing frequency.

Self-adjusting and safe for all to use – including babies, the elderly, and animals.

  • Available in Dropper or spray.
  • Dropper: Just 7 drops under the tongue first thing on rising and last thing before retiring in the evening. Can also be applied topically.
  • Spray: 2-3 sprays under the tongue first thing on rising and last thing before retiring in the evening. Can also be applied topically.

This product is alcohol based, which has been added as a preservative.

I offer express postage delivered to your door anywhere in Australia for an additional $15.