Meridian Pathway Activation with Personalised Essence

The Offering

This is a treatment where you have to opportunity to step into your own empowering healing where we work together to achieve your desired outcome.  I always feel in these treatments that I am the fascinator of your own healing experience.  It is a profound, inspired and deeply encompassing treatment. It holds space for one’s own healing and evolution which is tapped into, through the energy of the plant divas, complimented by my knowledge and experience of the human anatomy and guided by my intuition and my connection though my hands and heart space.

The Healing

  • Created around your own personal set intention we work together to choose your flower essence.
  • Your chosen essences are created into a combination – attuned and activated to your set intention and then your gentle treatment of bodywork is used to allow the essence to move into your absorption points throughout your lines of meridian.
  • We tap into the vibrational energy of the flower divas and tap into beautiful power visualising and connection to the chosen flowers – blending in application affirmations and breathwork, we open to the energy.

The Experience

Utilise your personalised combination during this treatment and you will take the Remedy home to use for the set time. 

Healing, release, and manifestation around your set intention for a 2-week period after the initial Meridian Pathway Activation is completed. 

Supporting documentation supplied for your personalised Remedy.

Feel supported and guided by a Qualified Practitioner with over 25 years of experience with this modality. 

Vibrational healing energy is activated immediately.

Length: 90 minutes.  Cost: $150