Papillon Practise

The Offering

I have created this modality around Mindful Meditation and Massage – a practise for evolving kids. It is very much based on my own experiences with my daughter and the immense benefits that I seen firsthand, blending the two, offers such peace, tranquilly and also a fun learning experience for little ones aged from 3 years upwards. It is a handy and supportive tool for little ones to be able to relax their mind, body, and spirit naturally.

The Healing

  • Amazing grounding tool for stress, anxiety, worry or concern.
  • Improves and builds a beautiful bond between parent and child.
  • Introduces little ones to the concept of focussing on their breath, to aid relaxation.
  • The Massage aspect of this modality is so completely relaxing and highly beneficial to growing bones, limbs and organs.
  • Reap the benefits of the healing properties of Certified Organic Essential Oils which are added to the Certified Organic base oil.

The Experience

Especially very beneficial at bedtime, for smooth transition into a peaceful slumber.

Treatment encourages parents to implement the techniques into everyday life and continue treatments at home for maximum benefits.

I have been using this technique on my daughter since birthday and I still use this technique on her, and she had just turned 7 years old. I have found it to be so supportive and nurturing.

Can be tailored to take in account for each child’s allergies and is safe for all.

Length: 30 minutes.  Cost: $50