Australian Bush Flower Essences

The Essences

Created by Founder and CEO of Australian Bush Flower Essences – Ian White, who is an Australian Naturopath, Homeopath and Kinesiologist. Ian comes from a long line of herbalists and is an absolute wealth of knowledge and an inspiring person to learn from.

The purpose behind the essence Ian writes is “that they assist in clearing the blocks that stop an individual getting in touch with their true or Higher Self – their own intuitive part which knows their life purpose”.

Offering enthusiasm, clarity, courage and strength in one’s own life, this vibrational energy really does hold currency to resolve drama, distress, blocks and negative beliefs, allowing one to transition forward into a life of clarity and quality. The resonating effects of these powerful essences benefit not only the individual but society and our entire planet. 

I have had the pleasure of attending a number of online classes with Ian in the past few years and I am so grateful for this gift and the opportunity to work with this modality.

My Journey

I have been using the essences for about 25 years. As a Qualified Practitioner I have worked with the essences and their energies daily, for around the past 5 years directly with clients.

I have personally experienced and stood witness to the most amazing and profound shifts, transitions, and evolution with all people, young and old, animals and environments.

This is a very powerful, yet safe, subtle, and nurturing vibrational energy and I highly recommended everybody to try it and experience for themselves just how empowering this range of Australian Bush Flower Essences really are.

I am working my way towards my Masters in this modality. I made a decision,  to go as far as I can with this modality, as I believe it in so strongly. I often say to people that his modality really has saved and transformed my life and I don’t say those words lightly. With my hand on my heart, I am an absolutely believer and devotee to this modality.

I use it in my life daily, my family use it, my animals benefit from it, and I use it in my environment, my home, and all aspect of my existence. 

I feel so deeply honoured to be able to treat people, facilitate healings and offer insight into everyones own transition forward.

I will always sit in a very deep sense of gratitude to my first practitioner Lyn, who supported me through a very difficult time in my life and to my very dear Friend, Healer, and Mentor Lucy, who encouraged me to learn this beautiful craft.

I encourage you and am here to guide and support you, with your own personal evolution. Transitioning forward to your most abundant life. A life of balance, love, peace, and joy where you can meet your life’s full potential. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences

I highly recommend Tanya as a Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. We have been blessed to have Tanya treating all our family, both human and fur babies, for a few years now. The flower essence blends that Tanya has prescribed are always incredibly beneficial for the ailment or emotional/physical/energy blocks being experienced and greatly help in treating and resolving the problem. Tanya’s extensive knowledge and experience of the Bush Flower Essences and their healing properties     along with her incredible intuition and genuine and heartfelt care for her clients and their needs is incredible. Tanya is so generous with her time in listening to and asking all the questions to help her determine the best blend for us and then explaining the benefits and healing properties of the blend she prescribes. I can’t speak highly enough of Tanya. She is amazing!!

Nicky N