Infant Massage & Body Awareness

The Offering

Infant Massage and Body Awareness is a positive engagement for tiny tots – which is suitable from day 1 of birth right through to 12 months of age. Parents are encouraged to learn and to continue the treatments at home on a regular basis. Our session will consist of a soothing and nurturing massage treatment for little bub with an emphasis on bringing awareness to their limbs and all parts of their body.

The Healing

  • Effective treatment for colic, wind, constipation and reflux
  • Shows baby it is loved and promotes bonding
  • Promotes learning and thought processes
  • Enhances self-perception and body awareness
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces stress levels and improves mood.

The Experience

The best time for baby’s massage is in the quiet alert state – just before baby is about to go to sleep or just upon waking.

It is always important to ask baby’s “permission” – so we look for positive cues that baby will accept massage – relaxed state, good eye contact, happy expressions. If these cues are not present or the change mid-way through treatment then it is best to try massage another time.

This treatment is available in studio or in the comfort of your own home – a small travel fee applies to mobile bookings.

Length: 30 minutes.  Cost: $50