Beauty Remedy and Facial Point Release

The Offering

Enjoy an indulgent and intensive facial treatment with a range of natural, Australian-made and owned products, which have not been tested on animals. The company is carbon neutral and has an impressive vegan status. A truly natural experience – your complexion is clear when we cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tone, moisture and hydrate your face and neck area. During the treatment I offer an intricate and precise muscular release of the muscles throughout your entire face and neck, which has a huge impact on your overall appearance – releasing the stresses and tension that we carry in our face. While your mask has been applied, your hand and forearms receive a beautiful massage and release with a blend of Certified Organic Base and Certified Organic Rose Essential Oil. I love to incorporate one or more of my crystal rollers and/or Gua Sha stones into this treatment. It offers additional healing and therapeutic qualities to the treatment and is a nurturing way to offer more release. We complete your experience with a moisturising lip and eye treatment. You will walk out of the studio glowing with a smooth and revitalised appearance.

The Healing

  • Keeps your skin looking healthy while also relaxing your facial and neck muscles
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating effect for the client and has an immediate reducing effect on stress levels.
  • Has the ability to reduce signs of puffiness and swelling.
  • Increases circulation and oxygen flow to your facial and neck tissue.
  • Gua Sha and selected crystals work to reduce puffiness, inflammation and each stone has their own individual healing properties.
  • Can relieve head tension and sinus congestion.

The Experience

The release will have a huge impact on your appearance. Clients are always amazed at the before and after difference in their appearance that the treatment offers. Hot towel treatment is offered in this service. Your skin will feel amazing after this treatment.  This treatment is available in studio or in the comfort of your own home – a small travel fee applies for all bookings. Length: 90 minutes.  Cost: $150