60mL Personalised Activated Room Spray

The Offering

Stepping into a more creative aspect to shifting energy in an environmental space or personal energy field. Clears blocks and welcomes balance and an uplifting vibration to your personal space. 

Your atomiser can be created around your personal set intention from any of the singular essence and we add in a Certified Organic Essential Oil to assist to promote the healing properties of both Bush Flower Essence and Essential Oil, creating a mood from the natural aromas. Whether it be grounding, sensual, relaxing, uplifting or any purpose, I create the mood in the bottle, from Australian Certified Organic Essential oils, carefully blended with the Essence, these Personalised Activated Room Sprays a such a beautiful addition to your own personal shrine or a very thoughtful and touching gift to a loved one. Make them part of your own personal ritual or healing routine and feel the nurturing energy that they omit. 

You can also choose from any of the 6 Space Mists from the Australian Bush Flower Essences range.

  • Calm and Clear
  • Emergency
  • Sensuality
  • Space Clearing
  • Travel
  • Woman 
  • Personalised Activated Room Spray created around your set intention – using a singular or combination of Singular Essence for your set purpose with Certified Organic Essential Oils added to enhance healing Properties.

The Healing

You can order your own Personalised Activated Room Spray with me directly and tap into this natural, safe, and self–adjusting vibrational energy, set around your own personal intention and have it personally created and activated for use, to help to assist you to move forward into your full potential. Or if you are connecting into one of the formulated combinations already on offer from the range, I can create, activate and attune any of these as well around your set intention.

Cost: $40

The Experience

This concentrated blend with regular daily use, will last around 6 weeks.

Administering: 2-3 sprays within the room or rooms that you are focussed on clearing or cleaning the energy. The Remedy focuses on the vibrational energy shift, to bring harmony and balance to any space or environment. Can also be used around your own personal energy field as well to balance your emotional wellbeing. 

Not for oral consumption due to addition of Essential Oils to enhance healing Properties.

I offer express postage delivered to your door anywhere in Australia for an additional $15.