Life Affirming Release Treatment using Meditation and Purification Essence

The Offering

Two very powerful and supportive vibrational energies that work hand and hand to bring powerful change.

Is there something that you have been wanting to clear, to welcome in, to open to release or to gain clarity on? I love this combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences Remedies to offer insight and supported release. 

Both the Meditation and Purification Essences are remedies that I use very regularly. Both are a huge catalyst for evolving, releasing and implementing change and evolution. Whether you can pinpoint what you need to work on or not, we work together to hone in on your set intention for this spiritual work.   Together we bring the energy to the forefront and it is supported through a gentle physical bodywork practise, breathwork, and affirmation, and brings focus to the specific energy aspects of each of these Remedies.

The Healing

  • We open to the vibrational energy of the Meditation Essences from the Australian Bush Flower Essences Combination Remedies, essence through your set intention, we open to your consciousness.
  • The Meditation Essence is allowing spiritual awakening, enhancing your intuition, inner guidance, accessing to one’s higher self, deeper meditation, and telepathy.
  • Supported by a gentle sensory Bodywork practise which unifies the entire body and brings the physical body into harmony with your higher consciousness to facilitate change. The practise is supported by Reiki, crystals, word, breath and song.
  • At the conclusion of the Bodywork Treatment, we take time to acknowledge and recognise any messages that have come through from the mediation and bodywork practise and then we open to a very empowering Purification Essence around your set intention. The Purification process is honoured at the conclusion of the body work treatment where there is time set aside to let go, release and surrender.
  • The Purification Essence brings about a sense of release and relief – allowing any emotional baggage or waste to be gently released with this very supportive Remedy.

The Experience

A nurturing and engaged gentle Bodywork practise supported by two focussed Combination Remedies, specifically targeted to welcome transition forward.

Feel supported and guided by a Qualified Practitioner with over 25 years of experience with this modality. 

Vibrational healing energy is activated immediately.

Length: 90 minutes.  Cost: $150