20mL Personalised Activated Essence

The Offering

This option is for people who have determined what they require from their own devices or advice from a health care practitioner.  This remedy offers the opportunity to have a handmade, personally attuned, and activated Essence created for them by a Qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner.

Cost: $25

The Healing

You can order your own Personalised Activated Essence with me directly and tap into this natural, safe, and self – adjusting vibrational energy, set around your own personal intention and have it personally created and activated for use, to help to assist you to move forward into your full potential.

The Experience

This can be a single essence or a combination remedy that you choose.

Generally lasting 2 weeks.

Dosage: Frequent and regular usage builds a rhythmic healing frequency.

Self-adjusting and safe for all to use – including babies, the elderly, and animals.

  • Available in Dropper or spray.
  • Dropper: Just 7 drops under the tongue first thing on rising and last thing before retiring in the evening. Can also be applied topically.
  • Spray: 2-3 sprays under the tongue first thing on rising and last thing before retiring in the evening. Can also be applied topically.

Alcohol based – used as a preservative.

Choose from any of the 69 singular essences to create your own personalised remedy.

I offer express postage, delivered to your door anywhere in Australia for an additional $15.

Alpine Mint Bush


Banksia Robour


Billy Goat Plumb

Black-Eyed Susan





Bush Fuschia

Bush Gardenia

Bush Iris

Christmas Bell


Dagger Hakea

Dog Rose

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

Five Corners

Flannel Flower

Freshwater Mangrove

Fringed Violet

Green Spider Orchid

Grey Spider Flower

Gymea Lily


Illawarra Flame Tree



Kangaroo Paw

Kapok Bush

Little Flannel Flower


Mint Bush

Monga Waratah

Mountain Devil

Mulla Mulla

Old Man Banksia

Paw Paw

Peach Flowered Tea Tree


Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Mulla Mulla

Red Grevillea

Red Helmet Orchid

Red Lily

Red Suva Frangipani

Rough Bluebell

She Oak

Silver Princess

Slender Rice Flower

Southern Cross


Sturt Desert Pea

Stuart Desert Rose


Sunshine Wattle

Sydney Rose

Tall Mulla Mulla

Tall Yellow Top

Turkey Bush


Wedding Bush

Wild Potato Bush


Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Autumn Leaves

Green Essence