At Kupu Kupu Massage you will experience the nourishing benefits of certified organic and natural products with all of our treatments on offer. Where possible each ingredient that make up our product range has been sourced within Australia. Exception given to a portion of our luxurious range of clays. Those that are not Australian have been imported from France.


I have a large range of individually hand crafted massage related products available for purchase in the studio. These products are wonderful for heartfelt gifts for your friends and family or for your own personal use. You will experience the superior quality of my products while you are having your treatment at Kupu Kupu Massage as I endorse all of my beautiful certified organic and natural products. My range includes heatbags in two different sizes, silk eye cushions, a selection of customer made massage oils, exfoliates and scrubs.  All packaging is made from recycled glass, plastics, paper or re-useable materials.

I’m an advocate for quality and of course organics. I passionately believe in the healing properties of the products that I use and I love to have the opportunity to introduce then to my clients.

I offer customized orders for any of the products within my range and I am happy to be creative with new concepts for my clients


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