Enriching Your Experience with the Benefits of Regular Massage

Finally, some time for me.  The gentle sound of music combined with the rhythmic movements of massage encourages the body and mind to release and relax – allowing muscles and nervous tension to be released from the body.

By focussing on the breathe, throughout the massage treatment, it allows our thoughts of our busy day to dissipate, we take the opportunity to step out of our busy minds and this practise assists with the management of stress and anxiety. Releasing anxiety improves our sleep patterns and releases emotional blocks held within the body, which naturally allows us to restore and regenerate our body and mind.

Regular massage stimulates your body’s immune system by assisting to eliminate harmful toxins from the body and this is why it is so important to drink plenty of water 24 hours before and after your treatment. Eliminating toxins from your body more regularly improves your overall wellbeing and your outlook on life. Your personalise massage treatment will stimulate blood, lymph, oxygen and nutrient flow which supports your body.

A beautiful side benefit of your massage is the nourishment offered to your skin. At Kupu Kupu Massage, only the very highest quality Australian Certified Organic Base, Carrier and Essential oils are used offering essential vitamins and minerals to your skin, which has long term effects on our overall appearance.

The regularity of your massage treatments is dependent on your personal situation and story. My clients normally choice to have their treatments between a 4-8 weeks cycle, which the majority choosing a 4 week programme. 

Having regular massage treatments allows us to work together to keep your body relaxed and flexible. When your muscles are in a subtle state it is easy to ward of adhesions and muscle tightness, these therapeutic aspects allows your body to remain in a constant state of ease until your next treatment.

Ever noticed after your massage treatment that you sleep very soundly? By using massage as an instrument, your body will learn to relax and achieve rejuvenation in a state of deep sleep. It enables us to cope with stress in a more tangible way and offers you a balanced disposition in life.