Corporate Massage


Seated Corporate Massage is a really powerful and wonderfully modern way for business big and small to show respect and appreciate to their valued employees, while offering therapeutic benefits. It is an amazing way for your employees to experience relief from their upper back, neck, shoulder and head tension.

Who doesn’t love a shoulder and neck massage?  You can have your workforce smiling and feeling valued by investing in a seated massage treatment. In a little as 15 minutes your staff can have their treatment and be ready to head back to their workstation or desk to take on their duties for the day with gusto.

Savvy business owners have the ability to create a buzz around your office and get your staff talking about when Kupu Kupu is coming to visit next.

What are the benefits?

  • Creates an amazing positive energy and vibe around your office
  • Empower your employees and show them that they are a valued member of the team
  • Your employees reap the full benefits of a seated massage – no unrobing necessary
  • Upper back, neck, shoulder and head tension can caused havoc with your workforce – release the tension and see your productivity grow

Special notes?

Minimum numbers apply

Specific treatments and packages can be tailored to the individual company requirements upon request

On location only – travel fee applies

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